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Pit Reding

+352 661 91 21 78


  • Fuelbox IV , 2020 , curated by Yvette Rischette

  • Selected Artworks, 2021 , curated by Cecilia Vieira

  • Ren-Art, 2022, curated by Anouk Kieffer

  • Fuelbox VI, 2022, curated by Yvette Rischette

  • Konschttour 9th edition, 2022, curated by ViArt

  • Queer Arts Festival, 2022, curated by Rosa Lëtzebuerg

  • Pride Café Prague, 2022, organized by Ronald Dofing (Luxembourgish Ambassador in Czech Republic)

  • Frisch Photography Exhibition,organised and curated by Pit Reding

  • Salon du printemps 2023 by CAL, curated Roland Hermann

  • Rélévation(s) / Portfolio Reviews for EMOP Luxembourg 2023 , curated by Paul Di Felice

  • Rethinking Identities, EMOP Luxembourg 2023, Park Merl, curated by Paul Di Felice

  • Pride Exhibition at Tallin Pride 2023, organized by Luxembourg Embassy Prague

  • Rainbow Center Opening, curated by Kusaï Kedri

  • Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz, Trier, curated by Simon Santschi

  • IDENTITIES. Portraying the Intangible, Kunsthalle Trier for EMOP 2023 / curated by Dr. Lisi Linster

  • "Untitled", group exhibition led by Shalva Nikvashvili, Svetova1 Prague, December 2023

  • Winter exhibition Prague, organized by Luxembourg Embassy Prague, December 2023



Pit Reding is a queer photographer based in Luxembourg who is entirely self-taught. Originally trained as a graphic designer, he quickly discovered his true passion for photography, which afforded him the means to capture and convey poignant moments. With the establishment of his own creative studio in 2020, Pit has been able to further explore his boundless creativity and collaborate with individuals throughout Luxembourg and beyond.


Pit's signature style is characterized by bold, vibrant colors and striking intimacy, which culminate in a fusion of unique costumes and dramatic settings that capture the essence of his subjects. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the world, Pit's work transports viewers into a world of his own creation, where fantasy and reality coexist.


Pit's passion for photography extends beyond the aesthetic, as he seeks to use his art as a means of exploring and representing important social issues. In particular, Pit frequently works with LGBTIA+ themes and individuals, drawing from his own experiences as a member of the community. His work celebrates the diversity and complexity of queer identities, while also challenging the stigma and marginalization that many still face. By putting the lives and experiences of LGBTIA+ people at the forefront of his art, Pit seeks to create a more inclusive and accepting society.


Pit has also explored the realm of nude photography, crafting evocative and stunning images that convey a profound sense of vulnerability and sensuality. Through his art, he challenges conventional beauty standards and prompts viewers to reconsider their preconceived notions of the human form.

Despite his lack of formal photography education, Pit has developed a distinctive and authentic methodology for his work, which is characterized by an unrestrained creativity that knows no bounds. His dedication to his craft and commitment to his subjects have quickly earned him recognition as a skilled artist whose work continues to evolve and inspire audiences with its emotive and evocative style.


  • "Untitled" Part of As We Grow, led by Shalva Nikvashvili, Prague December 2023 / Svetova1 Gallery

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