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Pit is a a self-taught, queer photographer living in Luxembourg. After his education at Lycée des Arts et Métiers, he started working as a graphic designer in an advertising company.


He quickly realised his passions lays elsewhere, as his interest in photography started to grow stronger. Photography gave him the means to capture moments he found significant to share. After a few years, he decided to make his passion his job and in 2020 he opened his own creative studio. Having his own studio gave him more possibilities to show his creativity and work with people from all around Luxembourg and the greater region.

Not having an academic background in photography gave him the opportunity to discover his very own way of working, without boundaries. His style often gets described as bold and colourful, but very intimate at the same time. He manages to capture the person in front of the lens in a mixture of fashion and dramatic scenery.


His first exhibition in 2020 was about the struggle of being held back from expressing myself, before coming out as a queer man. Since this exhibition he strived to include more people from the LGBTIQ+ community. His goal is to provide a platform for as many people as possible, regardless their background.


  • Fuelbox IV , 2020  /  curated by Yvette Rischette

  • Selected Artworks, 2021  /  curated by Cecilia Vieira

  • Ren-Art, 2022  /  curated by Anouk Kieffer

  • Fuelbox VI, 2022  /  curated by Yvette Rischette

  • Konschttour 9th edition, 2022  /  curated by ViArt

  • Queer Arts Festival, 2022  /  curated by Rosa Lëtzebuerg

  • Pride Café Prague, 2022  /  organized by Ronald Dofing (Luxembourgish Ambassador in Czech Republic)

  • Frisch Photography Exhibition  /  organised and curated by Pit Reding


Pit Reding

+352 661 91 21 78

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